Greater Houston Partnership

TRANSCRIPT Greater Houston Partnership   My name is Welcome Wilson Sr. I’m a Houston businessman. I’ve been a real estate developer in Texas for 58 years. I’m a member of the Board of Directors of the Greater Houston Partnership. And I’m here to talk about our support of the HERO ordinance. In Houston, we have

HTC Minutes – Welcome Wilson Sr.

TRANSCRIPT Voiceover: Houston Texas is known for its entrepreneurial spirit, a place that allows you to live a life as big as you can dream but we didn’t know how big that life could be until we met Welcome Wilson Senior. Growing up in the depression era South Texas, Welcome Wilson showed very early on

Regent Wilson on Valenti, UH future

TRANSCRIPT John David Powell: From the television studios of the Jack J. Valenti’s School of Communication at the University of Houston. Welcome to the discovery section of Graffiti, the electronic newsletter of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences. My name is John David Powell.   May always is an important month for class.

“Welcome’s efforts as an entrepreneur have enriched the community, led to better lives for untold numbers of fellow Texans, and inspired generations of admirers and followers to do greater things. My hope is that through reading this book, you will come to know Welcome W. Wilson, Sr., as I have–as a brilliant businessman, a loving family man and a proud Houstonian.”

Rick Perry
Rick PerryUS Secretary of Energy & former Governor of Texas
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