Interview of Welcome Wilson Sr. by Russ Capper – 22A Wonderful Life

Mr. Wilson: Whom drives an automobile, it is a big group, my wife and I and our descendants with spouses, 36 people.  So we like to travel together, we have been all over the western hemisphere together and typically in November and it’s a great group, we all love each other, there is a strong bond and I learned from my parents that family Russ is everything, family is absolutely the most important thing going and thank heavens I have got a beautiful wife, who is an outstanding Chef.  Back in 60’s and 70’s she was a ball Chairman type and very active socially and so forth, so it’s been a great life.

When I was about 5 years old I think, my brother and I went to see Bride of Frankenstein with Boris Karloff, now in those days parents didn’t pay that much attention to movies, they assumed that all movies were good for kids, I was petrified, we were petrified my brother and I and in the middle of the movie we would go up and hide in the balcony and then after a few minutes we would get our courage up, we would go back and watch the movie a little bit longer and go back, it was so scary.  But anyway, after I had kids I would put on a coat backwards and I had a monster mask, a Frankenstein mask that I put over it, and I would walk stiff legged like Boris Karloff did.  Well the thing about it is I wonder now if I had some kind of psychological damage to my kids because they talk about it to this day, they were petrified.

We have lots of people with fire in the belly, let me contrast Houston with almost any other city in America.  There is a city north of here that will remain nameless that it seemed to me 40 years ago, that if you went there and succeeded they resented your success, in Houston, Texas for the 65 years that I have been here we have always applauded success.  I don’t care whether you came from England or California or wherever, if you came to Houston and made a success, we all wanted to do business with you.  We thought it was great and the city of Houston has had that fire in the belly and has had leaders who were willing to go out of their way and go the extra mile and that’s why Houston is the city that is today, 6 million people.

Russ Capper:  Welcome has it been a great life?

Mr. Wilson:  Being 83 is not all bad, because everything I buy comes with a lifetime guarantee, I never thought I would say to myself, oh to be 65 again, that was almost 20 years ago, so it’s a great life and I have enjoyed every minute of it.

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“Welcome’s efforts as an entrepreneur have enriched the community, led to better lives for untold numbers of fellow Texans, and inspired generations of admirers and followers to do greater things. My hope is that through reading this book, you will come to know Welcome W. Wilson, Sr., as I have–as a brilliant businessman, a loving family man and a proud Houstonian.”

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