Married College Sweetheart – Joanne Wilson on College Graduation Day, 1949

I married my college sweetheart Joanne on the day you graduated from college in 1949. Joanne WilsonI met Joanne at the University of Houston and she was the most beautiful woman I ever saw in my life.  And after we had been dating about 9 or 10 months we were having a sandwich at the Pig Stand on South Main Street in Houston; the Pig Stand was across the street from Sears Roebuck on Main Street.  So, we are sitting there, and Joanne says, so and so has asked me to marry him again.  Well this was the 5th time that this guy had asked her to marry him, she got a marriage proposal about once a month by the way and I knew this guy, he was a rich tall good looking guy from River Oaks and so I said, of course you are gonna say no to him because you and I are gonna get married, as soon as I’m 26.

My father had always told me that a man needed to wait until he was 26 to get married, so she said something to the effect, good luck with that plan and I knew my time was running out.  So that was in November of 1947, 1948 I guess it was and then in January I asked her to marry me and I had to scramble around because I was studying pre-law and I couldn’t get married if I was without a degree, so I switched my degree plans at the University of Houston to business and had to go double time during the summer, but I graduated on August 27, 1949 and I missed the graduation ceremony because I was at the church marrying my wife.


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