Saved Houston Residents from 16 Floor High Rise Fire, 1975

I discovered a high-rise fire and ran up 16 floors to evacuate residents in 1975.  I was returning on a Sunday afternoon from a trail ride. I had been riding trail rides for over 50 years, so I was coming back to the house.

Saved Houston Residents

Inwood Manor – 3711 San Felipe, Houston, TX

I was going down St.Felipe street and the Inwood Manor High Rise is on St. Felipe near River Oaks. I saw smoke coming out of the top floor of the building and it was billowing out. So I rushed in there, I parked my car and rushed in the lobby and went to the front desk. They didn’t even know there was a fire, so I told them that the top floor was on fire and that they needed to evacuate the building.  So, I knew better than to catch an elevator because I would get stuck some place, so I started running up the floors.

Well, let me tell you if you run up 16 floors you are exhausted by the time you get to the top as I was.  When I got there, I opened the door from the 16th floor lobby and smoke. Thick smoke was in the room down to except for 4 inches off the floor.

Saved Houston Residents

View from Inwood Manor

The first 4 inches there was no smoke, above that there was smoke. So I stuck my nose down into that 4-inch space where I could breathe. And then I went from door to door, banging on the doors getting people out to evacuate. I totally walked down the stairs and then I went back down myself. After I got everybody out and then the fire department arrived. The next day in the Houston Chronicles there was a story about a mysterious stranger who rushed in and saved everybody from death by fire.



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