Welcome Wilson Sr. & JFK

Welcome Wilson Sr. & JFK



Talked with JFK and Jackie in Houston the Night Before JFK was Assassinated, 1963

I talked  with JFK and Jackie in Houston the Night before JFK was assassinated in 1963.

JFK & Welcome Wilson Sr.

JFK & Welcome Wilson Sr.

I had met JFK, John F. Kennedy in 1960. He came to my hotel room right after he was nominated for President and that makes me sound more important than I was.  It’s a long story but anyway, he came by my hotel room where I was having a reception. It was a suite, a reception for some New Mexico Congressmen and Senators. So at the last minute, we called him and asked him to stop by and he did. He was running for elections at the time. 

Most charismatic man I have ever met in my life and I’m thinking it all had to do with his smile. He had the most genuine smile and just a buzz surrounded him wherever he was.  Anyway, the Mayor put me in charge of the arrival in 1963 John F. Kennedy on Air Force 1 at the Houston Airport and he also put me in charge of the motorcade downtown.  So it gave me the opportunity to say hello to John F. Kennedy again and to meet for the first time. Jackie who was charming beyond belief, beautiful, beautiful woman and just absolutely charming and then the next day in Dallas, Texas he was assassinated.

Talked With JFK & Jackie The Night Before The Assassination


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