Welcome Wilsons 90th Birthday!

Welcome, for your birthday, a few of your friends wanted to send you their birthday greetings, so they are:

Lance Funston:   We were with Welcome Jr and Senior and we were at the Remington, Welcome how do you stay in such good shape, he said well I do push-ups.  I said, well I do push-ups, look at me I got this big gut.  He said, well it’s better if you do it on a chair at any time with one hand on the floor, feet on the chair, I said I can’t even imagine.  So, he said well I’ll show you right there in the restaurant does 10 to those suckers, I couldn’t do one. Welcome is an interesting guy, one time he said to me, son there is no such thing as a lost opportunity, if you don’t take advantage of it, somebody else will.  Welcome clearly is the guy that has had the most influence on my life, when I started out with the organization, Jack heard me give a speech at the Rotary Club and said, what are you doing after graduation? I said well, first of all I don’t think I will ever graduate because at that point I’m taking course downtown and working, he said but I did get an offer from IBM, that makes no sense you are going to have a great jacket, white shirt, blue tie that looks exactly like you are wearing when you are 50, come to work for us, and I did and that’s the first decision I ever made and it frankly following with 4 ex-wives it all indicated that subsequent decisions weren’t that great but that one was good.

Jack and Welcome had a profound influence on my life, Welcome for example always said, let’s see if we can fake it till we make it, and he didn’t have payroll covered he would still have a plush brilliant looking corporate office that everybody believed was the product for a very successful organization.  And he always said, if you believe it, everybody else will believe it.  I will never forget every time he meets somebody, he always had a smile, he says you know when you meet somebody the first time, they deserve a smile and I tried to follow that during my career, if I’ve had any success in life it’s been watching Welcome create an empire out of air and at the same time not stepping on anybody. Welcome has always had passion and compassion, he has always been there for me and for all of his friends and he is a wonderful guy, happy birthday guy I love you, I know your family does, I’m looking forward to seeing you this summer at the house in France.  P.S. Joanne I don’t how you put up with him; but I know you are here and you are a lovely, lovely lady and I’m happy he snagged you and I’m sure that’s the key ingredient to his success.  To the whole family you guys are wonderful, happy birthday guy.

Sylvester Turner:  Welcome Wilson Sr. I hear you’re having a birthday fairly soon, you’re gonna be a young age of 90, Welcome from the City of Houston let me just say happy birthday but on a personal note from a University of Houston Alumni, from a Coug, happy birthday and many, many more.

Bob Harvey:   Welcome, as an Emeritus Trustee of the Greater Houston partnership I’m pleased to say happy 90th birthday.

Dr. Renu Khator:  Hello Mr. Chairman, happy 60th birthday, oops sorry 90th birthday but can I say you just look 60 I just wanted to say thank you so much for bringing me here to Houston, you have been such an incredible force behind my success, I owe it to you thank you and happy birthday.

Dan Patrick:  To my good friend Welcome Wilson Sr., Welcome you are the best of the best, your contributions to Texas has made a difference in thousands and thousands of lives, happy 90th birthday and I will be around to wish you 100 as well.

Ted & Heidi Cruz:  Welcome thank you for the tremendous contributions you and your family has made to the Lone Star State, you have lived the American dream and your hard work is an embodiment of Texas values.  The opportunities you and your family have created for thousands of hard working Texans are truly remarkable and Ted and I are so fortunate to call and your wonderful wife Joanne friends.  Happy birthday and my God continue to bless you, your family and the great State of Texas.

Joanne Herring King:  Welcome Wilson, thank you for adding your name to our City, we are known as the most welcoming City in the world, and your brilliance, your charm, your innovative ways are one of the reasons we are the great City that we are.  We are so glad Welcome that you have a wonderful family and a beautiful wife, that’s your reward, you are ours, happy birthday we are so glad you were born.

Ned Holmes:  Happy birthday Welcome, quite an accomplishment, 90 years and you have done it with grace, good humor and incredible vitality, I guess all of us would be fortunate to have your zest for life and your ability to deal with it, for those of you that don’t know Welcome and my family have been friends for, what Welcome about 60 years maybe, we first met when we were neighbors and I was I guess a kid, and when you lived and River Oaks and Del Monte and I lived a block over.  I have always enjoyed your stories and your good humor and the interest that you take in everybody, and I will say to those, your Cougar friends they all owe you a debt of gratitude for what you have done for the University of Houston and all of us at Houston owe you a debt of gratitude for what you have done for the City of Houston, happy birthday Welcome.

Greg Abbott:  Happy birthday Welcome, I’m glad to join your friends and your family and wishing you the very best on your 90th birthday.  Now to call Welcome Wilson a renaissance man is an understatement, you have done so much.  You have served 3 President including being a Special Ambassador to Nicaragua under President Lyndon B. Johnson.  You have also been an entrepreneur, a former Naval Officer and even a former night club singer, the list goes on and on, but above all else Welcome Wilson is a man dedicated to his family and his community and I’m proud to call him a dear friend.  Thank you Welcome for showing us what it means to be a great Texan and a great American.

Lynn Wyatt:  Happy Birthday Welcome, I remember  that I met you through my husband Oscar and you have such a great personality and you are so easy to talk to, but I have a personal story, in Houston another rainy day where we had a flood and so I was in my Jaguar coming home and my car stalled and I thought, oh no, oh no and I try to get it started and everything and along comes Welcome and his name was absolutely well known but to me he was more welcome than anybody I had hoped to see because he said, you are stuck and I said yes, and he said let me go and get my truck and I will pull you out of there, and he did and so I will never forget that, so anyway I always think of him as a hero, so happy birthday Welcome.

Welcome Family Group:  From everyone at your Welcome Group family, Happy Birthday!

Scott McClelland:  Well as Welcome Wilson likes to tell the story it took his parents 3 weeks to give him the name Welcome and I can’t think of a more appropriate name for him, because he certainly makes you feel welcome anytime that you are around him.  I know Welcome in many different capacities but one of the things that we do together is that we workout at the same time early in the morning at the Houstonian, and at the age of 89 now 90 Welcome will put his feet up on a bench and crank out about 15 push-ups, I wanna be Welcome Wilson when I grow up, not just for that but because of the impact he has made on our City, over decades of contributions in terms of making it a better place to live, in terms of a business community, in terms of the contributions he has made in education and the contributions that he’s made in terms of valuing, the contributions that every Houstonian has to offer.  I like Welcome Wilson he’s a proud Houstonian and I’m proud to call him my friend, happy 90th birthday Welcome I know you are just getting started and you will have many more just like this, I will be back for the 100.


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“Welcome’s efforts as an entrepreneur have enriched the community, led to better lives for untold numbers of fellow Texans, and inspired generations of admirers and followers to do greater things. My hope is that through reading this book, you will come to know Welcome W. Wilson, Sr., as I have–as a brilliant businessman, a loving family man and a proud Houstonian.”

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