22 Days Nameless When Parents Could Not Agree 

Interviewer: Mr. Wilson I understand you went nameless for 22 days when your parents could not agree on a name in 1928.

Mr. Wilson:  I was born in the home which was the custom of the time in 1928 and there is no hospital to make you name the baby.  Well the doctor had told my parents that I would be a girl. You can imagine in 1928 how much doctors knew about the sex of a new born baby. But anyway, so they had a girl’s name picked out, lost in memory. Well, I surprised them on March 17, 1928, by being a 12 lb. boy. By the way my birth announcements have a pink ribbon on them. Because my father had purchased the sock for the announcement before he knew I was not going to be a girl.

22 Days Nameless When Parents Could Not Agree On Name

Boston Doctors use First Iron Lung. On this day in 1928, Children’s Hospital in Boston was the scene of the first use of an “iron lung.” Developed by a young Harvard doctor. 

So the doctor folded his bag and left, I was born in the home which was the custom of the time. So the doctor left, so my mother and father started discussing what to name the boy. Well, 3 days went by and now they are arguing about what to name the boy.  A week went by, 2 weeks went by, 3 weeks went by and then after I had been born for 22 days. My father arrived home from work and said, why don’t we name him Welcome so he will know he’s welcome though he is not a girl and that’s what they did.

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