With Lyndon B. Johnson At The Opening of Astrodome 1965

I appeared on the front page of the Houston Post pictured with LBJ at the opening of the Astrodome in 1965.  I was close to both Huff Hines and Bob Smith, at the time Bob Smith owned 2/3 of the Astros and Judge Huff Hines owned 1/3.  Then there was some minor ownerships, George Kirksey owned 1%, and then Craig Culloden I think owned 1%. But anyway I think I, both were friends of mine. So when the Astrodome opened on July, no not July but on April 9th, 1965.  The Houston Post a daily newspaper in Houston owned by the Hobby family. By the way this morning I had lunch with Bill Hobby, the son of the founder of the Houston Post. His father was Governor of Texas, William P. Hobby.

Lyndon B. Johnson – President  


April 9, 1965: Astros beat Yankees in first game inside the Houston Astrodome

Hobby airport in Houston is named after his father. Anyway, so when the Astrodome opened we played the New York Yankees and beat them by the way. I often wonder if that game was thrown by them since they were not in our league. And Micky Mantle hit a home run that day, it was an exciting time.  So, President Johnson who was President at the time had been invited to attend with his wife, Lady Bird and so he accepted. They flew in from the LBJ ranch where they were spending the weekend to the game.

So after I was invited to be part of, to enjoy the game from Huff Hines suite. Less than 3 weeks of the opening of the Astrodome in 1965 Lyndon B. Johnson launches Project Head Start. So, I was in the suite along with Johnny Gowen, Welcome Junior Godfather and Archie Bennett who was married to my sister.  So, the Houston Post had sent a photographer to the other side of the Astrodome with a telescopic lens to take a photograph of Huff Hines box, so the next morning on the front page of the Houston Post there was a photograph of Lyndon B. Johnson and Lady Bird and Judge Roy Huff Hines along with me and Johnny Gowen and Archie Bennett and a Secret Service Agent on the front page of the Houston Post.

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